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Our Mission

Listen while you stream, work, drive or game for new artists daily!

We are committed to providing Australian dance music FREE for all to help support the local industries tailoring ourselves to help the next generation of artists grow their brand in music, get them booked and have their work showcased – and what could be better?

We host an exclusive range of artists, interviews and live shows that you don’t want to miss!

Our Shows
Show Times
5pm - New Sound New Rules with Sean
6pm - TorHouse Radio with Claudio Ferrone
7pm - Monstercat Call of the Wild
8pm - Let The Bass Get You Radio Show

6pm - The Fallout with Mark Wildman
7pm - The Dave Christopher Show with Dave Christopher
8pm - House Ministry with Gordie Ryan
9pm - Trancefixtion
with DJ M
Grow your
music brand
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